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                                                    A Simple Wired Pendant
                                                      A How to tutorial
      This Setting uses minimal materials and is a very good one to start with if you have never wired before!
            Getting started:
           * Tools: Side cutters, round nose pliers, flat nose pliers (with no teeth)
           * Wire : 22 gauge half hard is the best for this setting (square is a nice finish and you can twist it for a different effect)
                        22 gauge half round finishing wire (round on one side ,flat on the other)
    * Cabochon, stone or bead
    * Masking Tape
    * Ruler
    * Dowel
    * patience
                                   The tools needed are inexpensive and easily attained at your local hardware store





The wire you use can be inexpensive brass, copper,  craft wire, or you can get sterling silver or gold (gold filled)
The wire used in the tutorial was 22 gauge sterling silver square and 14k gold filled half round (finishing wire)

It is always good to use the inexpensive wire when you first begin as you may make a mistake and once it has been bent, it is difficult to straighten  it out again.

When choosing your stone, for this particular pendant , it is good to use something thin, smooth and rounded at least at one end.
This particular stone is double sided, meaning it is suitable for display on either side. This setting is perfect or a double sided (cabochon) stone.
If your stone has cool colours such as blue, grey, white, then a silver colour is suggested, and when the stone is a warm colour, yellow,red,brown,etc.. a brass/gold,copper, bronze colour is suggested. In this pendant two tones, silver and gold were used because the stone has blues and golds in it.
Also, if the stone is rather plain, you can dress it up with a fancier setting and if it is a rather flashy stone, use a simple setting.
#1. First step, measure your stone from tip to tip, then the circumference. (this stone was 1.25 inches long. 3 inches around.) This number is then doubled to get your wire length( 6 inches) (You can add more wire if you wish to add extra embellishments.

         #2. Cut three strands of wire, in this case 2 strands 6 inches and one strand 8 inches long (for the bail).

    Tip: You may want to have a soft mat under you when you work, these stones can be slippery... and kind of fragile...
#3. Line all three together with the longer one in the middle and center the short one to the long one..

Line all three together with the longer one in the middle and center the short one to the long one..          
                                                      Tip: Masking tape works well to hold your wire in place

 #4 Find the center and measure the width of your stone. In this case 1.5 cm Put a piece of masking tape on either side of a 1.5 cm space holding the strands tightly together but not twisted or overlapped 


#5 Measure out 6 inches of your half round (6 inches of half round wraps roughly 1.5 cm ) and begin to tightly wrap wire around the three strands keeping the wire tight together but not overlapping (round side of half round facing up) Wrap until the entire 1.5 cm has been covered by the wire.

Tip: Wipe all of your wire with some rubbing alcohol, most wire comes with polishing compound still on it and will make your fingers black.


Tip: always make sure you don't clip the ends too close to the edge of your wire and that all ends face inside ,towards your stone .
you don't want any exposed ends.

 Tip: gently squeeze the finishing wire with the flat pliers to make it snug and tight.

#6 Curve the area around the shape of the bottom of your stone.

Tip: The half round wrapping should measure the same as th widest part of the stone.

#7 Cross the shorter wires on either side of the long one , leave the longer middle one straight.

#8 Measure roughly 3/4 up your stone and make a kink with both short wires on either side where the wires will intersect with the long wire making sure that they are exactly the same on both sides.



#9 Measure up the remaining distance of your stone from that kink and tape the 3 wires together on either side.

Now wrap the half round in that space from the kink up to the tape on either side. This will create a type of little basket or vessel ( why we named it the vessel)

        #11 Slip your stone in between the crossed wires and form the side wire around the outer shape of the stone.

Bend all wires that are left at the top down and bring the ends of the middle long wire together at the top.

#13 Bring up the long middle wire from either side up and pinch them together taping them together at the top

#14 W
rap the 2 wires around a small dowel or rod and bring them all the way down pinching them in with the base so you now are pinching 4 thicknesses. Wrap the half round around this part starting at the base where the 2 originally met at the top of the stone, and then finish it off just under the loop. Bring it in between the wires of the loop and cut off close to the bale (hanging loop).
                       You are left with a closed pendant, a loop for hanging and a whole bunch of left over wires sticking out.

Tip:You can use a small piece of wire to hold your wires together while you are forming the bale, just remember to remove it after.

                                          Tip: Anchor your half round under one of the end pieces to begin your wrap.



                                Tip: Tuck the ends of the half round in between the bale wires and clip it off inside the bail.

                    Tip: This bottom end of half round will be covered with the finishing spiral but could be tucked in under and clipped.

#15  Start to make your spirals with the round nose pliers and then use the flat pliers to continue spiraling it, being careful not to scratch or burr the wire... place these spirals in any fashion you desire but be sure that they do not stick out too far as they make wonderful "Hair Traps" for people with long hair. (You haven't lived until you have gotten your hair all tangled up in your necklace...)


                                                 front                                     (if it matters)                                back
                                                       Tip: Separate the 2 wires of the bale a little bit for a classy finish!

                            Tip: You can add more wire strands, twist your wires or play around with various shaped stones.

You may have to adjust your stone a bit, but it should be good and snug in the setting. :)                

We hope that this tutorial has helped you in some way and we would welcome any questions, comments or suggestions to